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This costume was purchased previously by another masquerader and is being resold.

The package has been paid in full and in order to complete the purchase, a payment must be made in full directly to the other masquerader.

On receipt of the order we will facilitate an exchange of contact details between both parties and the purchase must then be completed within 24 hours, failure to do so will result in the order being cancelled.

On completion of the purchase, the order will then be processed and registration of the costume transferred to the new masquerader.

Please note: All sizes and options are customisable.

Ladies! Bag your Maasai Female Backline Costume and join us on the road at Notting Hill Carnival 2021 with our friends at UCOM Carnival for the most highly anticipated presentation Africa – The Journey.

The theme is inspired by the entire continent’s rich and vast cultures, exploring significant elements of the peoples and tribes as we pay homage to the Mother Land.

Maasai – Our premium section has been designed by the amazingly talented Loic Corvo using traditional prints and incorporating bespoke trims and stones. The palette honours some of the Maasai culture’s most significant colours.

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Red is the most sacred of colours, signifying blood, bravery and unity. Blue signifies energy, it is the colour of the sky and that provides the rain. Green is the colour of grass and this represents the land, nourishment and well-being. Black represents the people and the struggle they must endure.

The Maasai people originate from East Africa and have lived across the arid lands along the Great Rift Valley in Kenya and Tanzania for hundreds of years. They are a noble and dignified people who, despite the pressures of the modern world, have proudly maintained their traditional lifestyle and age old customs.

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Your Package

Notting Hill Carnival 2021 is taking place on Sunday, 29th and Monday, 30th August. The two day, premium carnival experience with Socaholic in association with UCOM Carnival is fully inclusive and here’s what you can look forward to…

UCOM Carnival is a multi-award winning, authentic Caribbean carnival band.

It is one of the largest bands that participate at Notting Hill Carnival with over 800 masqueraders in showstopping carnival costumes that are designed and hand crafted right here in London.

The band is proudly inclusive and welcomes all to join in the UCOM premium carnival experience.

Your premium, custom-made Maasai costume for Carnival Monday including Thermal Drinks Cup and some goodies for the road.

Complimentary Jungle Jouvert package for Carnival Sunday including Tee, Drinks Bottle and Drawstring Bag with all the paint and powder you need out on the road.

Unlimited complimentary beverages on the road for Carnival Sunday.

Breakfast, Lunch and snacks with unlimited complimentary beverages for Carnival Monday.

Three 45ft music trucks with state of the art, award-winning sound systems powered by Elements, RC1 and TP Audio.

7 top DJs playing 100% Soca, Zouk and Bouyon from all the islands.

Good vibes only with roaming videographers and photographers to capture you living your best life.

Roped off band with a professional security team and stewards.

First aiders and customer service reps on the road.

Mobile restrooms.

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