Nicobar Female Costume – Two-Piece Bodywear


Order your Nicobar female costume with two-piece bodywear option and join us on the road at Notting Hill Carnival 2023 with our friends at UCOM Carnival as we take you on a journey inspired by some of mother natures most stunning winged creations “Aves – Birds of the Tropics”.

The Nicobar premium costume has been designed by the exceptionally talented Alejandro Gomez, a Venezuelan born carnival designer based in Trinidad & Tobago.

Alejandro embraces both tradition and technology when it comes to mas, sketching his costumes digitally before bringing his art to life.

He has worked with some of the most prestigious carnival bands in Trinidad & Tobago, across the Caribbean and in the United States, and we are super excited for Alejandro to make his Notting Hill Carnival debut with us.

Nicobar is inspired by the Nicobar Pigeon and this is not your average pigeon. Our exotic bird is native to the Nicobar Islands, an island chain in the Indian Ocean and it’s the closest living relative to the now extinct Dodo bird.

The Nicobar Pigeon developed it’s vibrant iridescent plumage due to the lack of natural predators on the small islands. Since they have no need to camouflage themselves, they’ve been able to develop colourful, dazzling feathers that have made have them stand out from other species of pigeons and doves.

Nicobar Female Costume

Two-Piece Bodywear Option £400.00
Includes Bikini Top and Bottoms with standard / thong options, Tiara, Neck-piece, Pair of Arm-pieces, Pair of Thigh-pieces and Pair of Lower Leg-pieces

High Waist Shorts (upgrade) + £15.00
Wire Bra (upgrade) + £80.00
Feathered Small Headpiece (upgrade) + £80.00
Feathered Arm & Leg Pieces, full set (upgrade) + £100.00
Feathered Medium Backpack + £195.00
Feathered Large Backpack + £425.00

40% of the total package cost including add-ons

Payment Deadline
All packages must be paid in full no later than 1st May 2023. After this time all new orders require immediate full payment. Please see our terms of purchase.

Once you click or tap on “Register” you will then be directed to the Playmas website, where you will need to log in or create an account if you do not already have one. There you will be able to submit your order and make a deposit payment.



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Your Package

Notting Hill Carnival 2023 takes place on Sunday, 27th and Monday, 28th August. The premium carnival experience with Socaholic and our friends at UCOM Carnival is fully inclusive and here’s what you can look forward to…

UCOM Carnival is a multi-award winning carnival band and is proudly inclusive, welcoming all to join the celebration of Caribbean culture.

It is one of the largest bands that participate at Notting Hill Carnival with over 800 masqueraders in showstopping carnival costumes.

Notting Hill Carnival 2023 will be truly special and unforgettable as the band will also be celebrating 15 years of mas.

Your premium, custom-made Nicobar Costume for Carnival Monday along with a complimentary Goodie Bag and Thermal Drinks Cup for the road.

The “Canboulay” J’ouvert Experience add-on is available for Carnival Sunday including Tee and Drinks Bottle along with all the paint and powder you need out on the road.

Unlimited complimentary beverages are included on Carnival Sunday.

On Carnival Monday, unlimited complimentary beverages are included along with breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Three 45ft trucks with state of the art, award-winning sound systems powered RC1.

Top international and local DJs playing 100% Soca, Zouk and Bouyon from all the islands.

Roaming videographers and photographers to capture the carnival experience.

Roped off band with a professional security team and stewards.

First aiders and customer service reps on the road.

Mobile restrooms.

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