Farmer Nappy Wins Road March 2021

Farmer Nappy Wins Road March 2021

Congratulations to Farmer Nappy on winning the historic bmobile | TUCO Online Road March for Trinidad Carnival 2021.

He won the title with “Backyard Jam,” the same song that last week took him to victory at the International Soca Monarch competition.

The votes for Road March this year were tallied up virtually, with people voting online and by text to decide this year’s winner.

In addition to walking away with the Road March title, Farmer Nappy also picked up a cash prize of of 100,000 TTD (Approximately £10,600).

In a social media post, Farmer Nappy said “For over 40 years I have been dreaming of this moment. Machel Montano and I spoke about it so many times and for all that time I stood by in support of my brother as he achieved what we dreamed and worked so hard to do from the start. He brought the dream home first but i learned from his accomplishments took his advice and waited my turn.”

He went on to say “This song was written and produced for the people. It has the spirit of Carnival and the people in it and I dedicate this title to the people.”

If you haven’t yet heard the song that won the double, then check out the official music video for “Backyard Jam” below…

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