Notting Hill Carnival – Our Journey


Welcome to Socaholic’s Notting Hill Carnival journey, a symphony of colour and rhythm spanning a decade.

From our exhilarating debut in 2014 to the present day, we have embraced the pulsating rhythms, vibrant colours, and infectious energy of this iconic Carnival celebration.

Join us as we take you on an immersive experience, reliving the unforgettable moments, breathtaking costumes, and the evolution of our participation in this cultural extravaganza.

Get ready to be captivated by the spirit of Soca and the essence of Carnival as we showcase the highlights of our remarkable journey.


Blue Macaw Notting Hill Carnival 2014

Blue Macaw designed by Samantha Ammon

Welcome to the starting point of an incredible journey. Back in 2014, we joined forces with Martin Jay and Funatik Mas for our debut at Notting Hill Carnival. Our section, based on the captivating 'Spreading Wings' theme, drew inspiration from the vibrant and alluring Blue Macaw, famously known as the Majestic Macaw. The costumes, meticulously designed and crafted, were brought to life in Trinidad & Tobago by Samantha Ammon, a highly esteemed creator renowned for her exceptional work with one of Trinidad's leading Mas Bands at that time, Fantasy Carnival.

Sioux NHC 2015

Sioux designed by Paul O'Donoghue

This marked our first year collaborating with the award-winning Mas Band, United Colours of Mas, at Notting Hill Carnival. Renowned for their commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering unity through carnival, they wholeheartedly embrace inclusivity and cultural expression. Our section, Sioux, paid tribute to one of the most prominent and ancient Native American tribes as part of the 'Gathering of Nations' theme.

Sirens NHC 2016

Sirens designed by Paul O'Donoghue

We partnered with United Colours of Mas (UCOM) for a second year. The presentation, titled 'Mythodyssey,' delved into the realms of myth, magic, and mysticism. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, our section showcased the captivating yet perilous Sirens. The mesmerising costumes, created by the band's owner and designer extraordinaire, Paul O'Donoghue, depicted these enchanting creatures notorious for luring unsuspecting sailors to their demise in the depths of the azure sea.

Erotica NHC 2017

Erotica designed by Paul O'Donoghue

The 'Reflection' theme commemorated a decade of mas for UCOM, remixing some of their most loved costumes. Among them was the iconic 'Erotica' costume, originally created in 2011 and reimagined to evoke a mesmerizing sense of love overload. This marked our third year on the road with UCOM, embracing the passionate spirit they embody.

Kurios NHC 2018

Kurios designed by Renata Gordon

For our fourth outing with UCOM, we embarked on a Carnival inspired by the enchanting world of Cirque titled 'Cirque du Carnaval'. The magical essence of Kurios manifested as whimsical characters from another dimension, captivating our senses and bringing to life the extraordinary power of human imagination.

Hello Yellow NHC 2019

Hello Yellow designed by Paul O'Donoghue

'Kaleidoscope' presented a spectacular fantasy of colour. This was year five on the road with UCOM Carnival and Hello Yellow embodied a vibrant spirit, exuding positivity, boundless energy, and unwavering hope.

Maasai NHC 2022

Maasai designed by Loic Corvo

UCOM's most highly anticipated theme to date was undoubtedly 'Africa – The Journey'. Originally launched for Notting Hill Carnival 2020, this epic showcase was unfortunately delayed for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Maasai paid homage to the rich cultural heritage of this East African tribe.

Nicobar NHC2023

Nicobar designed by Alejandro Gomez

With 'Aves – Birds of the Tropics', UCOM Carnival set out on an awe-inspiring exploration of some of mother nature's most stunning winged creations. Nicobar takes its inspiration from the Nicobar Pigeon, evoking the vibrant, iridescent plumage of this exotic bird.

Carnevale di Venezia x Socaholic

Embark on a historic journey along The Great Silk Road with our Carnevale di Venezia costume for Notting Hill Carnival 2024. Crafted by the visionary Paul O'Donoghue, founder of UCOM Carnival, this costume celebrates the rich traditions of the Venetian carnival.