Joss Stone x Kes Love Ah De Music

Joss Stone x Kes “Love Ah De Music”

This week Joss Stone dropped a Total World Tour memory of her collab with Kes, a spell binding performance of “Love Ah De Music”.

In April 2014 Joss Stone set off on The Total World Tour with the intention of performing in as many countries as possible around the globe.

The final country she visited on the five year, 200-stop tour was Iran, in July 2019. There she was detained on arrival and deported the next morning. The experience left the Grammy Award winning singer feeling gutted. “So close yet so far” she wrote, “this moment broke a little piece of my heart.”

Earlier that year, Ms Stone performed in North Korea and also illegally crossed the border into Syria to play in the war-torn country.

However, back in May 2016 The Total World Tour stopped off in Trinidad & Tobago where Kes introduced the British singer to sweet soca music and a magical moment was created – a sun kissed, acoustic rendition of “Love Ah De Music.”

Press play below to watch the full length video of Joss Stone and Kes performing “Love Ah De Music.” Enjoy!

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