Lavway - Our Story

Lavway – Our Story, A Film By Tribe

Lavway – Our Story is a film by Tribe, The Lost Tribe and Ultimate Events in association with Carib Beer.

Tribe is the largest and most popular carnival band in Trinidad & Tobago. From humble beginnings in 2004 they have since revolutionised the carnival landscape.

Their mission has been to create the ultimate carnival experience for the greatest show on Earth, Trinidad & Tobago carnival. They have been so successful at doing that, that there are now five other bands in the Tribe family – Bliss, The Lost Tribe, Harts, Rogue and Pure.

Lavway is Tribe’s love letter to carnival and recites the story of three siblings – Savannah, Time and Carnival.

!! Spoiler alert !!

Savannah tells us this of his younger sister, Carnival “It is not a feeling that you could describe to anybody that never feel it. And once you feel it, you must return. No one who is touched by Carnival remains the same. And after you are long gone, the story will remain, playing out again and again and again and again and again. On the streets from Port of Spain to Notting Hill, everything vibrating, not a soul standing still. The will of a people to survive, carnival is we life and what keep we alive.”

The film has a runtime of just over an hour from start to the end credits and the cast includes many artistes and musicians that you may know and love including Destra, Voice, Patrice Roberts, Preedy, Nailah Blackman and many more.

Press play to watch Lavway – Our Story in full below…

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