Machel Montano x Destra "Shake The Place"

Machel Montano x Destra “Shake The Place”

The King of Soca and Queen of Bacchanal make an iconic duo and Destra and Machel Montano have come together again on “Shake The Place”.

After 2 long years on hiatus, finally “It’s Carnival”, but it’s not just any carnival, this one is the Mother of all Carnivals.

In order to celebrate it fully, the Kingdom of Soca is offered up another great tale from the King and Queen.

This song celebrates and embraces their iconic past, while simultaneously spring-boarding the genre of Soca into the future that awaits.

Happy 20th anniversary to the anthemic “It’s Carnival”, long may you reign but now it’s time to “Shake The Place”!

This thumping new release for Trinidad Carnival 2023 has been produced by Michael “Tano” Montano, Mical Teja, Travis World and Machel Montano.

Press play below on “Shake The Place” by Machel Montano x Destra…

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