Patrice Roberts Strength Of A Woman: Reflections

Patrice Roberts Presents Strength Of A Woman: Reflections

Patrice Roberts’ live show, Strength Of A Woman has become a popular addition to the carnival diary in Trinidad & Tobago since it’s inception in 2019.

The show would normally take place in front of a packed audience, under the trees at The Normandie Hotel in Port of Spain. However this year, with the cancellation of carnival in Trinidad, the show instead was broadcast and streamed online.

The stream begins with a narrative by Patrice, as she explains her inspiration behind Reflections, the theme for this years show.

“Reflection is something very important. It’s a way to acknowledge your journey, whether it is growth or challenges. It is you reminding yourself to be thankful and hopeful. It is you exploring yourself and assessing relationships, and recognising when and how to move forward.”

Press play to watch Patrice Roberts’ Strength Of A Woman show in full below…

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