Azaryah x Machel Montano x Ravi B - Precious Angel

“Precious Angel” by Azaryah x Machel Montano x Ravi B

Machel Montano, Azaryah and Ravi B have come together to collaborate on a poignant song entitled Precious Angel.

The project was set in motion by Tony Chow Lin of Chinese Laundry Music in response to the murder of 23 year old Andrea Bharatt in Trinidad & Tobago. The artistes came on aboard to voice their support for the “end gender-based violence” movement that has united the nation.

Machel Montano has described the murder of Andrea Bharatt as a “George Floyd” moment with her death being a catalyst for change following a spike in women who have become victims of gender-based violence.

Controversially the song promotes the hashtag #protectourwomen and many believe this fails to address the issue and that protecting women won’t change men but changing the behaviour of men is what will protect women.

Press play to listen to the official audio release below…

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