Teddyson John x Kerwin Du Bois - See Dem

Teddyson John x Kerwin Du Bois “See Dem” Official Music Video

Teddyson John and Kerwin Du Bois have teamed up for a compelling collaboration, hold some space for yourself when you take a listen to See Dem.

Teddyson describes the song as conveying “Needed words for a needed time.” He told us “During these difficult times, COVID has done so much bad and has taken so many lives but it has also done some good in allowing us to see people for who they really are. Know what to accept in your life and in your circle. Inspect yourself and the people around you.”

The song was written and produced by Kerwin Du Bois and Teddyson John and is taken from a forthcoming EP. The two flew out from Trinidad and St Lucia respectively and got together in Dominica recently to work on the project.

When the truth speaks to you.

Beware. Be guarded. Be wise . Be mindful of who and where you invest your time and energy. Be mindful that you aren’t blindly giving of your authentic self to people who don’t care or wish you well. Be mindful that people may not see you for you, but only for your assets and wealth. Protect your energy. Protect your space. Protect your vibe. See them before they draw near. See them before they drain you. See them before they hurt you. See them.”

Press play to check out the official music video below…

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