Turbulence Riddim

Turbulence Riddim

As the latest release from Precision Productions, Turbulence Riddim features four songs brimming with delightful naughtiness framed by an imaginative backing track.

Experimental yet artful, this is a twist to Soca that defies time, place, or live festivals. From the first chord to the last refrain, musical freedom reigns, as team the Precision delivers to you, the Turbulence Riddim.

A riddim such as this needs a young, vibrant cast of fearless voices powered up and eager to share stories of sultry lust, some pain, and, of course, that Caribbean styled feistiness to entice Soca lovers worldwide.

The Riddim line-up includes Dev, Mical Teja, Melly Rose, Sekon and Motto who has an official music video to accompany his song, Horn.

Press play below on the Turbulence Riddim playlist…

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