Voice 'Long Live Soca'

Voice “Long Live Soca”

Voice has just dropped a masterpiece, ‘Long Live Soca’ is his brand new release and we guarantee that this song will be on heavy rotation in 2023.

“More than revelry, rum or rhyme, there are elements of our culture which make Carnival a very special part of us. Carnival is our own. Whether it’s the strike of the bois or the strike of the pan stick, we are moved and awed by the artistry. Dame Lorraine, sailor or feathers, what they are adorned with is our history. Dragons are mythical, but here, we do indeed breathe fire. Tens of thousands, walking a thousand miles, infected with rhythm. A rhythm born right here. Soca music too, is our own. Let us all take a deep breath, fill our lungs with life, and shout as one… Long Live Soca!!!”

Long Live Soca is written and performed by Aaron ‘Voice’ St. Louis and produced by Nikholai Greene with additional production by BadJohn Republic.

Press play below on “Long Live Soca” by Voice…

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