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Socaholic’s Partnership with Maasai Water Project for Notting Hill Carnival 2022

For Notting Hill Carnival 2022, Socaholic was proud to partner with Maasai Water Project, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting improved access to sustainable safe water, food security, health services, education, and economic freedom while preserving the culture of indigenous communities in East Africa.

Our carnival presentation, “Africa – The Journey,” was inspired by the rich and diverse cultures of the African continent and our contribution to that theme explored the Maasai people and their vibrant traditions.

The Maasai tribe, known for their distinctive dress, customs, and jewellery, have preserved their unique cultural heritage despite the challenges of modernization. For centuries, Maasai women have handcrafted intricate and colourful beaded jewellery, which is not only decorative but also carries significant cultural meaning.

Each piece of jewellery represents the individuality and identity of the person wearing it and accompanies them through all stages of life. Additionally, beadwork is an essential source of income for the Maasai women, their families and communities.

As a way of giving back to the culture that inspired our costumes for Notting Hill Carnival 2022, Socaholic partnered with the Maasai Water Project to source authentic and traditional Maasai jewellery. We gifted these beautiful pieces to our Masqueraders as the perfect accompaniment to their costumes, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Maasai people.

Socaholic is committed to promoting and celebrating cultural diversity through music, dance, and carnival. We were honoured to showcase the Maasai people and their traditions at Notting Hill Carnival 2022 and to support the Maasai Water Project’s vital work. If you would like to see more about our partnership with this amazing organization, visit their website at

Visit to learn more about the Maasai Water Project and how you can support their mission and follow on IG: @maasaiwaterproject

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